About Us

Do Your Best is an inspired apparel brand with a simple message. Just do your best. Every piece is created with the intent to inspire and encourage all who see it to be their best selves, give their best effort, and to just do their best in any and everything that they do. 

DYB was created by former NFL tight end and graphic designer Asante Cleveland in 2020. Amid the chaos and uncertainty that embodied that year he saw a clear need for a positive message that would keep people motivated and inspired. Asante was an undrafted free agent coming out of the University of Miami, and played for the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots, and San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers.  After being around numerous Hall of Fame players, coaches, and through his own experiences, he learned that if you want to be successful you always have to do your best. 

As long as you show up willing to give your all, you will be successful. So when things are uncertain all you can do is your best. It may workout, it may not, but you will learn along the way and your best will always get better. As long as you know that you gave your best effort you can be proud of what happened. That is why DYB was created, to remind you to always do your best.